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National Red List of Fungi of Macedonia Released

Posted on May 26, 2021 at 5:40 PM

The new National Red List of Fungi of Macedonia has been produced, including 64 species, compatible with the Guidelines for Using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria. Regarding the species threat status, 6 species have been assigned the category of CR - Critically Endangered (9.3 %), 19 EN – Endangered (29.6 %), 34 VU – Vulnerable (53.1 %), 2 NT - Near Threatened (3.1 %), 2 LC - Least Concern (3.1 %), and one species is DD - Data Deficient (1.5 %). The majority of the fungal species (53) belong to the phylum Basidiomycota whereas 11 are affiliated with the phylum Ascomycota.

                     Fungi Red List Report                     Национална црвена листа на габи на Македонија

                Galerina sphagnorum, CR – Critically Endangered, B1ab (iii); C1.  Photo by Matthias Theiss.

Thirteen of the Macedonian fungal species assessed are on the global IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, whose component dedicated to fungi comprises 425 species as of March 2021. The red-listing data, with maps and detailed justification of each species conservation status, have been stored in IUCN’s global central database, and subsequently transferred to the Macedonian National Red List website, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning.

                 Guepinia helvelloides, EN – Endangered, B1ab(iii); B2ab(iii); D.  Photo by Mitko Karadelev.

                         Daedaleopsis nitida, VU – Vulnerable, B1ab (I,iii,iv); D1.  Photo by Matthias Theiss.

The next step is initiating a formal procedure for enacting the official National Red List of Fungi, which will be available to the relevant authorities in charge of conservation and the applicable biodiversity programmes. The National Red List is a seminal tool for biodiversity monitoring and identification of priority species in creating nature protection and conservation policies. It is pivotal for fungi conservation in the light of the major threats, such as loss and fragmentation of fungi habitats, loss of symbiotic hosts, overexploitation, pollution, and climate change.

                             Inocutis tamaricis, NT – Nearly Threatened, D1. Photo by Tome Jovanovski.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has supported the latest red-listing efforts via the project Biodiversity Capacity Building Programme: Promoting Good International Practices in Macedonia, managed by Hardner & Gullison Associates from the USA.

                              Hortiboletus bubalinus, DD-Data Deficient. Photo by Tome Jovanovski.

The ground-breaking activity for fungi conservation in the country was the Preliminary Red List of Fungi of Macedonia from year 2000, comprising 67 species. In 2013, the appendix to the red list of fungi was published containing 213 species, following the IUCN Red List criteria and categories. Yet, the latter was a red list in the non-inclusive sense of the word since justification of species conservation status was not provided. All fungi red-listing documents to date have been produced by a team from the Macedonian Mycological Society led by Prof. Mitko Karadelev from the Faculty of Natural Science in Skopje.

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