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First Project Update on Fungi of Kosovo Research

Posted on August 4, 2017 at 1:05 AM

In the course of the first four months of the project 'Fungi of Kosovo: Establishing Fungi Checklist and Preliminary Red List and Proposing Important Fungal Areas'', supported by the Rufford Small Grants Foundation, field research for collection of fungal material was conducted in over 20 localities in Kosovo. The collection season is still in progress.The laboratory analyses for identification of the fungi specimens were performed at the Mycological Laboratory in Skopje. On the basis of both the existing fungi database and our project research so far, there is data on about 230 different fungal species. Our project findings to date were presented at the 37th Meeting of Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Ecology, held in Prizren (Kosovo), between 13 and 16 July 2017. We participated both in the lecture sessions and poster presentations. The results have also been entered in the online fungi database created for this project specifically; exsiccates of the new finds have been deposited at the National Collection of Fungi.

Comprehensive documentation pertaining to the current project is available in the science and conservation section of this website and on the Rufford Small Grants webpage. 

Lecture by Prof. Mitko Karadelev during the 37th Meeting of Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Ecology, held in Prizren, 13-16 July 2017.

Leccinum pseudoscabrum found in oak forest in Kacanik area, Kosovo.

Elaphomyces granulatus - an underground fungus from Kosovo. 

The black trumpet (Craterellus cornucopioides) - a mushroom species exported from Kosovo.

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